Green Snow Project

For a Greener Energy Future

Hybrid Renewable Energy Project

CTD is leading the Green Snow Project in Northern Japan. This pioneering hybrid renewable energy initiative leverages sophisticated geothermal systems to harness the region’s plentiful low to medium-heat geothermal resources. This Project aims to revolutionize Japan’s renewable energy landscape and overcome geothermal energy sector challenges.

Green Snow Project 

Project Highlights

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Favorable Market Dynamics: The planned geothermal plant is located in Japan, with five other geothermal plants within 200km, producing a total of approx. 100 MW of power.

Zoning Complete: Sakudou (zoning) completed- Land frontage is agreed upon by all land title holders and project is shovel-ready.

Secure Land Lease: The land for the geothermal project is leased with a controlling agreement, providing a secure basis for the project.

Proven Technology: The geothermal well on the property is capped. Existing well reporting temperatures for the flash steam process demonstrate that the technology for the geothermal plant is proven and reliable.

Experienced Management: Management team of the project has extensive experience in the energy sector and in project development, both in Japan and the United States, providing confidence in their ability to execute the project.

PPA: The power purchase agreement (PPA) for the geothermal plant will be activated after the Feed-In-Tariff  (FIT) interconnection study is completed, providing stable revenue for the project over the 15-year PPA lifetime.

Land Control

Global Family Has Assigned 113 Acres Of Land In Northern Japan To CTD For The Development Of The Green Snow Project.

Zoning Completed

Zoning is completed and land is ready for development.

Lien-Free Land

Land is free and clear of encumbrunces

Geothermal Availability

Completed geological studies indicate geothermal resource availability on site.

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