About Us

We are transforming Japan's renewable energy landscape.

Our goal is to decrease Japan's dependency on fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions- establishing an unprecedented global standard for sustainable practices.

The Company

Our Background

Climate Transition Development was formed in 2023 for the purpose of developing project opportunities in Japan, commencing with the Green Snow Project. The Company’s principals bring their depth of experience in project development, finance and renewable energy to this venture.

geothermal collage

The Project

Our Purpose

Climate Transition Development is the owner and developer of the Green Snow Project. The Green Snow Project is a pioneering hybrid renewable energy initiative that leverages sophisticated Geoportable small-medium geothermal systems to harness the region’s plentiful low to medium-heat geothermal resources. The project also includes co-located decentralized carbon capture and sequestration (CCUS) facilities for primary and backup power.